About Me


About Me

Hi! I’m Alexandra, the young entrepreneur who founded and created Pin Inc. I’m one of those people who is constantly doodling and collecting my favourite quotes from movies, tv shows and musicals, and covering my bags with all sorts of  different enamel pins. With two entrepreneur parents, it came as no surprise to my friends when I started Musical Theatre Pins, a pin company dedicated to musical themed enamel pins. But I wanted to branch out and create some inspired by all sorts of fandoms… so I started Pin Inc. 

Pin Inc.

With quotes and original designs from some of the biggest fandoms, the Pin Inc. collection continues to grow!

Our goal is to create products that can showcase your love and appreciation for your favourite fandoms while also providing conversation starters and making the perfect gifts for friends and family, so if you have any suggestions for quotes, movies, tv shows, musicals or anything else, please send them in! We at Pin Inc. LOVE hearing your ideas!


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